Steps Of Swaddling A Baby

As a new parent, maybe you generally feel frazzled. When swaddling a baby, either too tight to make the baby uncomfortable or too loose the baby a moment to break free. So that is an important skill in learning how to properly wrap your baby.

The most common method of swaddling your baby is the diamond swaddle. In addition, there is a sleeping sack swaddle, it is also easy to wrap the baby, you can choose according to your preference.

  1. Diamond Swaddling

    Step 1: Put the light square muslin swaddle blanket on the bed in a diamond shape, folding the top point down 4-6 inches in order to expose the baby’s head. Place the baby on the blanket face up with the baby’s neck at the edge of the fold.

    Step 2: Gently press down on baby’s right arm with one hand, pull the right portion of the swaddle up and over baby’s body with the other hand, and tuck it snugly under baby’s left buttocks. Meanwhile, pull the left part of the baby’s swaddle flat outward.

    Step 3: Gently press your baby’s left arm with one hand and pull the lower part of the baby’s swaddle upward with the other hand, tucking the bottom tip of the blanket over your baby’s left shoulder. In this step, make sure to keep the swaddle loose on the baby’s legs, but their arms should be tight and don’t make them bend.

    Step 4: Pull the blanket on baby’s left shoulder down a little bit, about to baby’s upper chest position, and press this small fold gently with one hand.

    Step 5: Press the chest position of the pleats in one hand, to grab the rest of a blanket tip in the other hand, pull flat, across the baby’s body and around the baby’s body, and then pull tight, tucked into the small pocket folded out in front.

When you swaddle your baby, be sure to keep your baby’s arms straight and be wrapped, but their legs should be loose enough that their knees can bend. This will make the baby feel secure enough.

Maybe you feel hard to wrap at first, and your baby may cry. Do not be discouraged, try more times, will become more and more skilled certainly. Be sure to wrap the baby’s little arms so that the baby can feel safe and thus calm.

  1. Sleeping sack swaddle

    There is also a special sleeping sack swaddle that can wrap the baby more quickly. Follow the steps below, you can wrap your baby correctly. And make sure they are safer and sounder sleep.

    Step 1: Place your baby’s neck on the top of the sleeping sack swaddle and put your baby’s legs into the swaddle pouch, just like you wear onesie pajamas for your baby. Then lift the Velcro flap in the front.

    Step 2: Fold down the left side to cover the baby’s body and glue it in Velcro. Tuck the extra fabric under the baby’s arms.

    Step 3: Swaddle the right side of the swaddle to cover the baby’s body and glue it to the left Velcro of the swaddle.

When your baby grows up little, he may no longer like his arms wrapped around him. If they keep wriggling their hands, you can also try putting your baby’s arms outside the sleeping bag swaddle.

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