Winter Sleeping Bag For Baby 3.5 TOG


Our Sleeping Bag Features:
Customized printed pattern
Machine Washing
There’s a ton of legroom in this swaddle, so he can kick his legs around or grab his toes through the blanket.


· The Features of Baby Sleeping Bag’s Material: air cooling, soft and comfortable, against the stench and keep warm.
· Breathable Skin Friendly, Naked Wear 0 Prickling: Natural functional fiber fabric, 2 times breathable, soft-touch, fast sweat absorption, and heat dissipation, comfortable fit skin.
· Light and Soft, the Body Does Not Feel Pressure: Say goodbye to the traditional materials in order to keep warm ad thick filling, just a little bit on the warm, soft, and no feeling.
· Solid Deep Profile Design, Comfortable Radian: The stall can be fully open, and the baby can easily change the diaper when sleeping. We use the advanced stereoscopic knitting progress, yarn precision, clean and smooth, strong toughness, washable, wear-resistant.
· Widen The Legs: Frog legs are more comfortable and the legs are more relaxed and comfortable.
· Changing Diapers and Urinating is Easy: Easy to wear and take off baby sleeping bag without catching a cold. Bidirectional oblique zipper, large space for changing diapers, free from disturbance. After the buttocks open zipper, easy to urinate at night.

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100% Cotton, Original Cotton, Bamboo and cotton