Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket

  • Fabric: 100% Regular Cotton or Original Cotton
  • Measurements: 47″ x 47″, 43″ x 43″, the size can be customized
  • Easy Care: Machine wash swaddles before first use in warm water and with like colors. Use chlorine-free bleach when needed. Tumble dry low and do not iron.
  • Versatile: Our swaddle blankets can be used in a multitude of ways making them a staple for every diaper bag.

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Girl, Boy, Unisex


Coating Printing, Active Printing, Digital Printing


43" × 43", 47" × 47", Customized


Paper Belly Band, OPP Bag, Paper Gift Box, Customized


100% Cotton, Original Cotton

Details About Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket

SOFT & SAFE – Muslin is 100% natural Cotton. Soft, hygroscopic, and breathable, best for baby use. Our blankets are tested by MTS, for environmental protection, and safety for babies.

ENOUGH SPACE – Our muslin blanket size is 47″x 47″, which is easy to wrap or swaddle babies from newborn infants to older toddlers. Easy steps, no late-night struggles.

GENERAL USE – The patterns can be customized. Individual unisex patterns for both baby girls and baby boys. Breathable and comfortable muslin cozy fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating and is gentle against baby’s sensitive skin.

PRACTICAL AND PRETTY – Can be used as receiving and tummy time blankets, nursing privacy covers, burp cloths, stroller cover, or changing table cover. Personalized baby gift Set for every new Mom-to-be or Dad-to-be.

EASY CARE – Both machine washable and hand wash, gets softer after each wash. No deform, pilling, or discoloration.

The Details

Different materials, different features. The main material fabrics are as below, you can choose the fabric according to your preference.
  • 70% Bamboo Fiber 30% Cotton: Higher softness than cotton, stronger than bamboo, price is between 100% bamboo and 100% cotton.
  • 100% Cotton: Strong than bamboo, softer after multiple washing. Eco-friendly, healthy for babies
  • 100% Organic Cotton: Better than pure cotton, fit for the mid-to-high end.
  • 100% Bamboo Fiber: Super soft than others, similar to silk.

Fabric/Function Soft Breathable Washable Nature
70% Bamboo 30% Cotton ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★
100% Cotton ★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
100% Organic Cotton ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
100% Bamboo ★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★

You can choose 2~12 layers. The most popular layers are 2 layers, 4 layers and 6 layers.

The most popular size is 120mm*120mm(47″*47″) after water washing. This size is most suitable for swaddling babies. Also, the size can be customized.

The edge can be customized according to your demand. The main edges are 5 ways as below.






The best way is you design your own pattern for your brand. Also, you can use our patterns.

To be continued……

    • Reactive printing: Reactive printing is one of the screen printing methods. It is the definition for a method in which the layer of applied ink, which consists of reactive dyes, a binder, and specific heat-activated additives, is steamed and then washed in order for it to set properly. Reactive printing allows the blankets to reach vibrant and accurate colors that remain durable following usage, outdoor exposure, and more.
    • Screen printing: Screen printing is by far the most common technology today. A blade (squeegee) squeezes the printing paste through openings in the screen onto the fabric. According to the different printing materials, there are two types: reactive printing and paint printing.
    • Digital textile printing: Digital textile printing is a process of printing textiles using specialized or modified inkjet technology. Inkjet printing on fabric is also possible with an inkjet printer by using fabric sheets with a removable paper backing. This printing method is used for small quantities, and complex color orders usually. Its price is higher than regular screen printing.

The beautiful package will make your goods more look High-end. You can custom your own packages.


After finishing the goods, you can choose a suitable transportation method for transferring the goods. Like shipping transportation, air transportation, or international express. You can use your own freight or let us search forwarder for you.

How To Swaddle Your Baby

Keep it snug, not constricting


Fold the top corner over and lay the baby face-up ith their head above the folded corner.


Wrap the left corner over and tuck it under baby.


Bring the bottom corner up over the baby's feet (tuck in any excess under their chin).


Wrap the right corner over and tuck it under baby,

The Multi Purposes Of Blankets

Muslin blankets are one of the items that you can never really have too many of, you will always find a use for them and they will be used for many months, even years.

Nursing Cover

Bath Blanket

Sleeping Blanket

Stroller Cover

Swaddle Blanket

Burp Cloth

Picnic Blanket


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