How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

Cold winter is the most challenging season for all mothers. Because to keep the child warm and comfortable, avoid coughing and catching a cold. But you can’t keep the baby in the house all winter. Babies and parents also need fresh air. So, how can we help the baby maintain his body temperature in the cold winter?

1. Dress the baby correctly.
In winter, the baby should keep warm when sleeping, give the baby to put on clothes that are easy to wear and take off, it is convenient to wear and take off diapers, especially pay attention to the warmth of the baby’s belly. The more appropriate way is to let the baby wear one more layer of clothes than you.
2. Don’t use a thick blanket.
Many mothers put a thick blanket on their baby’s body to keep warm, but this is not safe. The thick blanket makes it impossible for the baby to move his arms freely, which can easily pull the blanket over his face and increase the risk of suffocation. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a suitable indoor Wendi and use a lightweight blanket.
3. Set a suitable indoor temperature.
In winter, the too cold or too hot indoor temperature is not appropriate, the most suitable room temperature is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. The windows in the house should be closed, but they should also be ventilated regularly. In particular, the baby’s room and the living room must be ventilated.
4. Maintain indoor humidity.
The winter environment is relatively dry, the baby’s skin is very sensitive, the winter air will easily make the baby’s skin become dry and itchy. You can use a humidifier indoors or apply moisturizer to your baby. This will help maintain the luster and texture of the baby’s skin.
5. Maintain hygiene.
We should not only keep the hygiene at home but also pay attention to the personal hygiene of our parents. To prevent the details from coming into contact with the baby.
6. Massage the baby.
Massage can stimulate the blood flow in the baby’s body, promote blood circulation, and indirectly improve the baby’s immunity. Keep massaging your baby in winter. But keep the room warm during the massage.
7. Breastfeed the baby.
Breast milk is the best nutritious meal for the baby, which can enhance the baby’s immunity. Therefore, for newborns, it is best to maintain breastfeeding in winter. Even if supplementary food is added to the baby, it is necessary to continue breastfeeding to provide the nutrition that the child needs.

For the baby’s first winter, all novice parents will be worried. As long as we take precautions in advance, we will certainly be able to take good care of and ensure the safety of the baby. Live and enjoy the winter safely. However, if you find that your baby is not feeling well, please see a doctor in time.

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